OTC (Over The Counter)

BCXPRO’s OTC desk provides the link between traditional currencies and digital assets.

Our regulated desk is able to offer the deepest liquidity and the tightest spreads in a safe, reliable and trusted way.

We offer seamless execution with no slippage and fast settlement.


BCXPRO offers corporate IBANs (available soon) and the full journey from traditional currencies to digital assets through its regulated OTC desk.

Our offering is at the cutting edge of traditional banking and the first step towards owning digital assets and making payments on the blockchain.


BCXPRO can provide full custody of digital assets on the blockchain and provides our clients with corporate wallets.

We store assets securely in one of BCXPRO’s multi-party computational (MPC) custody vaults.


BCXPRO is the institutional side of the business which originated from the team behind BCBITCOIN.

BCBITCOIN is a very successful retail trading platform. It was established in 2017 and was one of the first ever OTC desks licenced to operate in the UK.

The company has an excellent 4.9 rating on   and is credited with its customer service, credibility, reliablity and security.

The team values relationships with their clients and are dedicated to offering the best service. They will find solutions to cater to specific requirements due to their knowledge at the cutting edge of finance.

The team are incredibly experienced and are from investment banking, trading, brokerage and hedge fund backgrounds.


We have an attractive referral program available.


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